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IPCop Support Links
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Please be aware that any modifications you make to your IPCop Firewall are made at your own risk. Most of the links on this page are to 'Unofficial' IPCop sites that might not be sanctioned by the official IPCop development team. Remember, all modifications you make are your own responsibility are are made at your own risk.

Addon Server Mod (Unofficial)
advproxy - Advanced Web Proxy (marco.s)
Communication At Work (metatalk)
Copfilter for IPCop
CopSpot Captive Portal for IPCop
Copwatch (BeyondMonkey)
EmbCop (IPCop on Embedded PC)
Gungaden's Den
IPCop Frequently Asked Questions
IPCop 1.4.x Documentation
IPCop Downloads (
IPCop Downloads (SourceForge)
IPCop Roadmap
IPCop Support Web (Unofficial)
IPCop on a Flashcard (PDF file)
tom-e website (wintermute)
urlfilter - The URL Filter (marco.s)
Web Filtering using squidGuard
WRAPCop (IPCop on Embedded PC)

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